Simple models for inelastic seismic analysis of asymmetric multistory RC buildings

TitleSimple models for inelastic seismic analysis of asymmetric multistory RC buildings
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
Kosmopoulos AJ, Fardis MN
JournalJournal of Earthquake Engineering

A simple stick model is presented for the inelastic seismic analysis in 3D of two-way eccentric multistory RC buildings. It has 3 DoFs per floor, point hinges at the ends of the vertical elements connecting floors, elastic story stiffness derived from the corresponding story force-interstory deformation relations of the elastic 3D structure under inverted-triangular floor loading (by torques for torsional stiffness, by horizontal forces for the lateral ones), story yield forces derived from the total resistant shear of the story vertical elements, but no coupling between lateral and torsional inelasticity. It is evaluated on the basis of comparisons of response histories of floor displacements to those from full nonlinear models in 3D of four actual buildings. Alternative locations of the story vertical element with respect to the floor mass center are examined: (a) the floor “center of twist” of the elastic 3D building under inverted-triangular floor torques; (b) the story “effective center of rigidity,” through which application of inverted triangular lateral forces does not induce twisting of floors; (c) the centroid of the secant stiffness of the story vertical members at yielding and (d) the centroid of the lateral force resistance of story vertical elements. Among alternatives (a)–(d), the floor “center of twist” provides the best agreement with floor displacement response-histories from full 3D nonlinear models. This means that the static eccentricity that matters for torsional response may be taken as that of the floor “center of twist.” The center of resistance comes up as the second-best choice.

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