Multistate reliability analysis

TitleMultistate reliability analysis
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1982
Fardis MN, Cornell CA
JournalNuclear Engineering and Design

The binary AND and OR operators are generalized to multistate systems with multistate components, by developing multistate operators which obey the Commutative and the Associative laws. In systems with such operators, components can be rearranged internally in any arbitrary way without affecting the mapping of the component states onto the state of the system. In addittion, all components, all subsystems and the system itself have the same set of states. Such systems are called homogeneous. Operators of homogeneous systems can be described by either their truth table or by the ranking of their states in order of relative dominance. If a homogeneous system is also coherent, then the mapping of the component states onto the system state, and the calculation of the probabilities of system states from those of the component states, become very simple. The sets of operators for 3-state and 4-state homogeneous coherent systems are given. In an example, the Auxiliary Feedwater System of a nuclear power plant is modeled as a homogeneous coherent multistate system composed of homogeneous coherent multistate subsystems, and its reliability is calculated.

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