Pseudo-dynamic distributed tests between UPAT and UNITN

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Within the SERIES project a distributed hybrid simulation test was conducted between University of Patras (UPAT) and University of Trento (UNITN) on a Split-Mass S-DoF system. The architecture of the implemented experimental framework was based on MatLAB and OpenFRESCO (Open-source Framework for Experimental Setup and Control). A cantilever, pipe-type element was considered as physical substructure at UNITN whilst a numerical model of the same structural elements and the time integration of the system was implemented at UPAT, as the respective numerical one. A preliminary numerical simulation of the test was conducted in order to estimate the transmission time between UPAT and UNITN. A 0.50s simulation time step was deemed to be suitable to perform a reliable distributed hybrid simulation. The analysis of transmission time characterising the experimental hybrid simulation confirmed this result. The dynamic response of the experimental system, which was limited to remain in the linear range, showed a quit good matching with the numerical simulation.