Seismic fragility curves for reinforced concrete bridges

TitleSeismic fragility curves for reinforced concrete bridges
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication2012
Askouni P
Thesis TypeMSc

This study presents first a literature review of existing fragility functions for bridges and then new fragility curves that were produced for European road and railway RC bridges. Regular bridges with continuous deck, connected to the piers either monolithically or through elastomeric bearings, were studied. Other variable parameters were: bridge length, pier height and cross-section, number of columns per pier and level of seismic design. Each bridge was designed, dimensioned and detailed according to Eurocode 2 and, for bridges with seismic design, according to Eurocode 8. Linear elastic analysis was subsequently performed according to Part 3 of Eurocode 8 to estimate the seismic demand. Fragility functions were then constructed accounting for the model uncertainty for demand and capacity, the dispersion of material and geometric properties and the uncertainty of spectral values.

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