SERA/ARISTA TA project - Tests completed

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SERA/ARISTA TA project: Τwo parallel, near-full-scale 3-storey, two-bay reinforced concrete frames with bars, connected at all three floor levels through transverse beams and slabs into a stable 3D test structure, loaded in its long direction was tested. The two frames represent old type reinforced concrete (RC) frames designed with smooth bar reinforcement and no or limited seismic design provisions. Some of the columns of each frame had their vertical smooth bars lap-spliced at all three floor levels and others had their smooth bars continuous from the foundation to the roof, in order to study the effects on the response. Moreover, the effect of FRP wrapping of the column end regions was studied by retrofitting with FRP the test structure at the end of the first test and subjecting the specimen to a loading history of cycles with increasing amplitude till failure.