SERA/HITFRAMES TA project - Tests completed

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HITFRAMES project: Hybrid testing of an existing steel frame with Infills under multiple earthquakes

The seismic performance of an existing, multi-story steel moment resisting framed building (MRF) was investigated through pseudo-dynamic hybrid simulations in the framework of the current project. In the first phase, the seismic performance of the reference structure was evaluated by testing a 2/3 scaled model of a sub-structure. The sub-structure consisted of a 2-story, 1-bay steel framed structure with composite slabs and masonry infills at the loading panels. The structure was tested under a series of horizontal uni-directional strong motions. In the second phase, a 2-story, 1-bay sub-assemblage steel frame, referred to the perimeter frame of the prototype structure was tested under the same seismic sequence used at the 3d specimen. The frame was retrofitted with buckling restrained braces (BRBs) and hybrid simulation method was performed on this retrofitted braced configuration simulating analytically the response of the masonry infills and the rest of the prototype structure.

The aim of HITFRAMES project was the development of reliable methods for the seismic assessment of existing steel frames under multiple earthquakes and also the evaluation and development of design procedures for buckling restrained braces (BRBs) considering in addition the contribution of masonry infills.

Research team: L. di Sarno, R. Landolfo, M. D’Aniello, M. Dolsek, F. Freddi, O-S. Kwon, S. Bousias, X. Palios, N. Stathas, E. Strepelias

Funding source: European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, SERA Project